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Message # 71496.

Subject: None Re:JT, you really expect no such opinions?

Date: Wed 04/10/17 03:12:46 GMT

Name: JT us



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One has to remember, the US has many millions of gun owners who have never, and will never, shoot anyone. At this point in time, if there were a total ban on guns in the US, complete with government confiscation, only one thing would be accomplished- law-abiding people would be disarmed, and only criminals would have guns. The moment I hear of ANY 'gun control' law proposed that explains, in detail, just how they'll take illegally owned guns from criminals FIRST, then I'll believe they're onto something. In the meantime, because of so many criminals possessing firearms, millions of law abiding citizens choose to own them as well. It's part of living in a 'free' society. Many European countries just aren't structured with the freedoms that Americans still enjoy- those we have left, anyway. This makes their governments far more intrusive into peoples' lives, thus making it easier to enforce bans on firearms and other draconian laws. Does it stop crime? Nope. Does it stop violent crime? Nope. Criminals will use the tools at their disposal. Ironically, here in the US, more people are bludgeoned to death with blunt instruments- bats, hammers and the like- than are killed by rifle fire every year.

Oh, the murder rate in the US is actually much lower than many countries. Unfortunately, it's been a while since I've seen the data, so I can't remember just where the US ranks, but it's a ways down.

Also, there is not a single law, or proposed law that would or could have prevented the Las Vegas attack. None. People who are setting out to kill others really aren't concerned with not breaking other laws to do it.

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By MikeyPHX - us Tue 03/10/17 22:49:06 GMT


I know such occasions are never a good time for "politics", but the gun lobby never answers questions. And the truth is that the gun violence and the per capita murder rate is MANY TIMES HIGHER in the US than in... the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Greece, Estonia, Japan, Australia... and the list could go on and on on (it includes all "Western", "developed" etc countries, the EU and most non EU-Europe, large parts of Asia - many Muslim countries (whaaaat? yep!) and on and on). And all those countries have stricter gun laws (and less militarized police). So yes people will bring this up. And no, this is not disrespect for the victims. This is because those people want no more innocent victims. And lax gun control (in comparison) plus the number of guns in possession is the most likely cause for most of the world and about a half US citizens for the continuing bloodshed. If it's not the guns, what is it? Tell us? Tell me as a fellow American...
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By JT - us Tue 03/10/17 14:05:20 GMT


*sigh...* Really? Gun laws are too lax, here? This is absolutely not the place for such debates, but I feel the need to speak up briefly, anyway. This heinous attack in Las Vegas was illegal. The weapon(s) used were illegal to own, in that they were illegally modified to fully automatic action (machine guns- HEAVILY controlled in the US since 1934, and almost impossible for an individual to own). Murder is illegal, whether it's one victim or fifty. From what little I've heard, the only legal part of any of it was that the shooter originally bought his semi-automatic rifle(s) legally, illustrating again that our federal background checks are useless and ineffectual. BTW, this is apparently only the 4th time since 1934 that machine guns ("assault rifles" in today's media language) have been used in a crime in the US.

More laws aren't the answer. There are already about 20,000 gun control laws on the books in the USA. None of them stopped this guy...

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By youngwetfan - de Tue 03/10/17 05:45:35 GMT


...but it would not only help to pray. Your government and the NRA should recognize, that their weapon law (if there is a law, because some states are free spaces) is to weak and they should sharp the law.
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By corsair - uu Tue 03/10/17 04:52:34 GMT


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By 1wamnut - tim_gipe@yahoo.com us Tue 03/10/17 04:18:25 GMT


Please pray for our country. Thank you.

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