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Message # 71065.3

Subject: None time invested to research are charged

Date: Fri 11/08/17 19:43:49 GMT

Name: babyspet uu

Email: babyspet@gmail.com

Website: www.babyspet.com

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Listen all,  we are not trying to swipe, stealor nothing..Just all these videos so many people have never seen before.  Those that are randomly posted by just the average person, not looking for money or fame or even a business.  Now  how many of you out there can say you have the time to search for over 1,000 wetlook utubes?  Not many I am sure.. This is what we do, we do the research to find all of these.  That  takes time to find..Many many hours + on line.  We are not looking to post any personal producers material, as we know  most of them, but sometimes clips through our sensors slip by the cracks...Not intentional, but it happens and if it does, when called to our attention, they would be taken out of the system.  All one has to do is ASK?  But when we go to the trouble of finding material for everyone to see  and tons of it, well, like if you went to a lawyer to research personal material for you...They  charge for assistance in research.  If you can find any person who will give you FOR FREE there services to everyone to research titles, document searches or anything for instance and they do it for FREE...Well then clue us in on it please... But the problem here is that for so many years people have posted youtubes to this forum and done it for free...Not many but maybe 10-15 at most to one post...  and then those youtube  channels. .maybe  100 videos at the most...sure...Posting a few is simple and can be free,  but when you post thousands for everyone to see,  think of the time we go thru to find this material for all you wetlook fans for enjoyment of viewing...Is our time to do this and then edit it into the system to be posted not worth something...I  guess I could put an icon on the site saying free, but donations appreciated...But I tell you with all the cheapskates on this forum  there would not be much in the Kitty for us to pay for the server for people to see.  I think  what gripes us most is people are just envious that others can do something to make a dollar and they can't, so they do what is free and that is Complain!  and I am sure not just about us...that's what they can do for free.   

   Now we are getting ready to upload a lot more clips  like about 500 more in the coming weeks and then probally in February I will just drop out of site when the renewal on the server is due,  then find someone to get you all these videos..sure you could write e-mail me at BP and I might send you some links we have, but you would have to ask.

    Anyhow  this is my statement for what we do.  Not to get under ones skin and piss them off, but just  simply devote our findings to this community.


Regards:  BP.com

In reply to Message (71065) Exclamation Measures against the site: babyspet.com

By Unknown - b.egal@web.de de Wed 09/08/17 17:53:03 GMT




Maßnahmen gegen die Seite: babyspet.com

Auf der Seite gibt es nur geklautes Material.

Unter anderem habe ich auch Bildmaterial  gefunden, woran nur ich selber das Copyrightrecht habe.


Ich habe einen Anwalt gesprochen, der mir klar gesagt hat, das man auch von Deutschland aus gegen soetwas vorgehen kann.


Gibt es weitere Geschädigte?





Measures against the site: babyspet.com

On the page there is only swabbed material.

Among other things, I have also found image material, on which I myself have the copyright.


I have spoken to a lawyer who has told me clearly that one can also proceed from Germany against something like this.


Are there other injured parties?

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