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Subject: Thumbs Up Re:New Amateur Photos Coming Soon

Date: Fri 04/08/17 00:42:06 GMT

Name: Soak_ed pl

Email: soak_ed@hotmail.com


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Thanks for the positive comment!  Happy
In reply to Message (71007.3) Thumbs Up Re:New Amateur Photos Coming Soon

By topcattopone - ex Wed 02/08/17 15:26:00 GMT


Thanks for you efforts in this and enjoy what you do.
In reply to Message (71007) Info New Amateur Photos Coming Soon

By Soak_ed - soak_ed@hotmail.com pl Tue 01/08/17 23:46:06 GMT

Website: Instagram.com Beddie55

My current wife has been getting wet for me more and more often, and enjoying it more and more.  I have some photos of her I have taken here and there and I made a private instagram page for us so she can view them whenever she likes.


A couple of days ago she surprised me and ran and climbed into our small (2m x 4m x 1.5 m deep) above ground pool without any warning in jeans and a white blouse.  I managed to get a few photos.  When I told her she went too fast she said, Well, I didn't say I wouldn't go back in the pool later.  Sure enough, she changed into dry clothes and later she went swimming again in dry jeans and a different top.  The second time, I joined her in jeans and a tee shirt.  There are no photos fro the second swim, I was busy.  Then we went into the house to our large shower and we had a nice long, hot shower still in our clothes.  


Tonight we were talking about it and then she said she wanted to swim and she took off her black dress and bra and went swimming in her panties.  I complained that swimming almost nude was boring.  She agreed it might be but she said she liked to swim that way sometimes.  Then she asked if I would get her a towel that was on the terrace nearby.  I went to get the towel and then I also saw her dress lying there so I brought her the towel and tossed her dress into the pool.  After the initial surprise she laughed and she put on the wet dress while she was still in the pool.  Then she asked me to get her phone and to take a few photos of her as she climbed out of the pool, so of course I did.  I am far prefer wet jeans but I have to say the light weight black dress looked really nice, molded to her body and very shiny.


We talked some more and I mentioned many people like me, might enjoy seeing her photos.  We talked about privacy, she is quite well known in our town and I said that the chances of anybody that knew her of seeing the photos was almost zero and she agreed and also mentioned even if they did, she is fully clothed and the photos aren't very revealing, except for a couple where she is wearing a white blouse and no bra.  She said I could share the photos if I like.


My wife isn't a so young anymore although she looks much younger than she actually is and she is good looking.  Her body isn't perfect either but she isn't huge although her breasts are quite large!  I am posting the link to the Instagram page, you need to ask to be invited, I will approve any requests as soon as I can.  I know not everybody has Instagram but I am making this offer until I can figure out a place to host the photos with easier access.  So if you want to see the photos, search on Instagram for beddie55 and send a request to follow and I should approve it within 1 day, 2 at the most.  The first photos you will see are the black dress photos I took tonight.  The photos on Instagram are mostly taken with a phone camera so they aren't great but they aren't terrible either. They are from our pool, tub and a few times we were on holiday in different hotels.  The tub photos she took herself and surprised we with them.  I told my wife we need to make many more photos both indoors and outside, we still have a little summer left here and I love natural outdoor light as opposed to indoor photos.  In addition to the pool, we have a very large bath tub and a large shower and there is also a nice little lake near our place.  I have a DSLR camera and I can make some pretty good photos, now that my wife is more interested in wetlook.  She says she is really starting to enjoy the feeling of the wet clothes and I think she is excited by the idea that other men might like to see her wet too.  Of course, I reward her very well for indulging in my interest by giving her many orgasms after our wet sessions, I am sure that helps too.


When I do set up a web page, there is a possibility we might charge a small, one time fee, not for profit but to buy more interesting outfits to get wet and to help cover the web hosting costs.  If we do that I will also seriously think about taking reasonable requests for specific outfits if possible.  I don't care about making money, I only want help to cover expenses, my wife has a lot of clothes but more are always better and maybe she doesn't have a specific outfit for somebody's particular interest.   In the meantime, enjoy!


If there are any suggestions for a good site to host the photos please contact me by email.

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