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Subject: Pictures and more....

Date: Fri 14/07/17 23:48:31 GMT

Name: jollywetfellow sx



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Bournemouth is about 500 miles from where I now live, Hazzaz.    But I used to live much closer, and got addicted to the place and its beach (and memories of Aya....), so, yeah, I'll be back.    


But I managed to prove I don't need to go nearly so far for wetlook a couple of days later; I nipped down to Edinburgh's beach for a few hours and took several pics which I added to my Flickr collection as P6 to P12 (P for Portobello, btw).    This includes, in P6-P8, an interesting reversal of the normal order of things; the white Scottish woman is the one getting her trousers all wet, while the desi women right next to her are staying (almost) dry!   I also got two completely separate wetlook events together in P12; the large lady in wet jeans is Sudanese and the aunt of the wee girl in blue; the slimmer woman in black trousers is with the topless guys and nothing whatever to do with the Sudanese (though maybe encouraged in by them and me getting our clothes wet).


I do often think, Hazzaz, "I wish I had got that on video" (the Sudanese lady provided a perfect example when she tried to kick water at her sister who was on the sand, but instead lost her balance, took several steps backwards, then landed on her centre of gravity in the water; P11, just after she stood up again, was the best I could manage), but I prefer to maintain my anonymity (and the option of participating myself in a bit of wet play from time to time) by keeping the camera in a waterproof pouch except when actually taking a picture, which means I tend to miss the best action.    My phone does of course do vids but they eat up memory and battery at a rapid rate.    If I see a chance I'll give it a try, though.


 Thanks for your offer, wetimer.    I have emailed the pic of the girl in the pink dress to you, but looking at it again its not that good (she's too far away) so may not be worth the effort....  

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By wetimer - wetimer@zoho.com uu Wed 12/07/17 00:23:54 GMT


Hi. Some nice photos there.


If you still have the good photos that you don't feel you can post publicly, I might be able to help. I'm pretty good with Photoshop, and I'd be more than happy to edit out or blur any children who might be spoiling the view of a hottie for you!


Get in touch if you'd like me to have a go for you.




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By hazzazbin - hazzazbin@gmail.com uu Tue 11/07/17 20:29:43 GMT





Nice pics. Good Job. Highly appreciate if you could visit that place more often.


Also, do you think about making videos. That would be fun as well




In reply to Message (70846) Pictures candid British beach wetlook - at last

By jollywetfellow - sx Tue 11/07/17 18:27:31 GMT


I've been tied up recently with some sad and difficult family business and, frustratingly, haven't been able to take any candid beach pics despite the warm weather (apart from a few pics from Scottish beaches which I didn't mention on this Forum but quite a few people have found anyway).    But at last I managed to get away to Bournemouth this past weekend.    It was a warm weekend following a hot week - perhaps too hot for good wetlook since most white people, even on the streets, were wearing very few clothes - but of course the Asian peoples came to the rescue, with lots of wet denim on display.    I've uploaded the pics from the weekend to my Flickr page:



It was a bit of a frustrating couple of days in some ways.   I feel I've ended up with far too many pics of people from behind, but every time I tried to get round to the front there was always somebody - a child, male companion or whatever - blocking the view of the wet woman.   And I twice aborted pictures just in time when I realised that, though the mother was fully clothed, the child was completely naked - I had been so enthralled by the wet adult that I hadn't really noticed the child - but try telling that to the judge!    Particularly frustrating was a very fit girl, late teens or early twenties, in a skin-tight pink minidress; I had seen her earlier telling her boyfriend that she was not going in because it was too cold, had thought "what a shame"; back at the same spot about an hour later and here she was walking up the beach with her dress dripping wet and clinging even tighter; so, quick, out with the phone, move to one side a bit to avoid the boyfriend's attention, quick snap - only to realise that she had been walking right past a near naked little girl as I clicked, so I've got the pic but don't feel I can publish it!


And the best bits?    Well the 2 white girls in pics B256 and B257 were a bit startling - I was strolling idly towards the pier when two bodies suddenly rose up from the water right next to it, to reveal two young women, water streaming off their dresses; they calmly picked their bags off a bit of the pier's structure (where they had obviously parked them while they submerged themselves) and walked straight out of the water; I just had time to get round to their sunny side and take the two pics you see here as they walked smartly up the beach, on to the promenade and, pausing only to pull on their sandals, headed rapidly off towards the town centre, of course still dripping wet.    


And I personally like the various young ladies in B255, B263/4 and B270, all wearing clothes which looked very smart to Western eyes, but which all of these ladies were happy to wear into the sea (the ones in B255 and B270 went in right up to their necks, and I'm cursing myself now for not waiting to see them coming out again (and for managing to 'hide' one of the girls in B255 behind the other.....)).    But perhaps my favourite was the lady in a westernised Indian group - she seemed to be one of us.    Her companions were all wearing shorts and basic teeshirts which they had obviously brought as swimwear, but she had on a knee-length jeanskirt and slightly more stylish top.    She was standing with the water up to just below her knees (and therefore just below her skirt), looking a bit wistful, then she said something I didn't catch to her companion, bent her knees so that her skirt just brushed the water, giggled and gave a mischievous look.   But the other lady (in shorts) looked faintly disapproving, and the lady in the skirt soon headed off along the beach on her own; I thought "you're just dying to get wet" and wandered in the same direction, but she swerved off towards the prom and I thought maybe I'd misread the signs.    But I hadn't; that's her a short while later in B259 and B260, skirt wet to the hips, wandering randomly about in the water, seemingly just enjoying the sensation and the naughtiness of getting her skirt wet!


BTW, in case anybody notices, the photos are not all in their original order - quite often I took a photo of somebody, went off and took some others somewhere else, then came back and took another of the same woman/women later; so I have reordered them slightly so that all the pics of the same people are together.



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