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Subject: Read This Wendy-Jayne is a very fit and very wet schoolgirl - WSM html

Date: Fri 07/07/17 11:35:47 GMT

Name: WSM Productions ex

Email: webmaster@wsmproductions.co.uk

Website: https://wsmprod.com/updates/ / http://wsmproductions.co.uk/updates/

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We review again the impish Wendy-Jane, who delights us all with her wet schoolgirl set, movie WSM106 plus image set W295.

Also in this Update:
Can it really be 4 years since we lost Mr. Splosh or as you knew him Bill Shipton!
WSM continue to pay tribute to a WAM legend.
What a shame that much of his work is forever lost.
For Wetlook, we look again at an unusual image set from 1995 featuring Mayen, set W180.

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It was great fun filming Wendy-Jayne as a wet schoolgirl.
Wendy-Jayne is a most popular UK model with big boobs to match her big and unique personality.
Set W295 has 216 images.
Wendy-Jayne brought her own schoolgirl outfit, complete with cheeky red cap, red tie and red shoes. Besides getting very wet, Wendy-Jayne just oozes FUN!
See if Wendy-Jayne appeals to you as we show 5 sample shots from set W295.

W295_Ad01 W295_Ad02 W295_Ad03 W295_Ad04 W295_Ad05

We have a 24 minute Movie of Wendy-Jayne WSM106 with Wendy dressed as a very naughty schoolgirl.
With her hair in very long pigtails, impish Wendy chats continually to the camera with constant giggles.
Her brown body looks fantastic when wet, as she describes herself as ‘wet and wild Wendy!’
In this very teasing Schoolgirl outfit, this is great erotic fun!
Removing her pigtails, her wet hair reaches to her bum!
So if you enjoy a girl who bubbles with enthusiasm for true Wetlook and who loves to talk about her wet experience…….then this Movie is a must see!
We show 2 Clips to illustrate Wendy-Jayne’s outfit and appeal.
Clip 1 we see her schoolgirl outfit
Clip 2 admire her wonderful body and long hair plus her posh talk

>>>>> SEE CLIP
>>>>> SEE CLIP

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