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Subject: None Re:2 things...

Date: Sun 18/06/17 16:35:07 GMT

Name: GSK uu



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Hi Sneaky, I know about ETV, if you remember, I used to publish a 900MB video highligh from the free parts last year, it was my favourite show on ETV, I even chose outfits at least once or twice in each show and they fulfilled my wish perfectly. It was worth the 16 Euros every week to influence the show. And it was a 6 hour show from 17.00 to 23.00 CET, somebody always wet during those hours.


Their economic model collapsed last year, they switched from a TV channel with pay web arm to a web only operation, saving millions on a satellite transponder, but losing viewers, in addition - because of this cost cutting drive - they lost their main studio and the nice adjacent shower room. The only things they can do now are bath shows in quite a small bathtub as part of their reserved experience shows, but it is quite expensive.


Yes, Tainster used to produce live show, mostly for nude and pee fans, but, as far as I know, they stopped once they started their cooperation with seventeenlive.com, a webcam provider. So the situation was better some years ago than it is now.


In reply to Message (70631.1) Mixed 2 things...

By Sneaky - uu Sun 18/06/17 13:18:47 GMT


ETV already did this - with a 4 woman, 4 hour show called "in the rain." They would dance around in nice outfits, talk to the viewers, and then eventually go in the shower fully clothed. ETV had a way to make it profitable by having the wetlook part free, and then the model would undress for all the VIP members with paid memberships, in a separate section of the website.  It was quite a brilliant show, very smooth and well executed. Fascinating to get to know the ladies, exhilarating how they tease you for a good 40 minutes before getting in the shower. Then they stopped, for no apparent reason. I have emailed them several times asking if they are going to do it again, with no response.


Tainster live would be the best format, they have the budget, they have the facilities. They use amateur models for their shower shows on Allwam - the same models on their Party Hardcore videos. They just go in the shower at the end of every Party Hardcore. One system that could work, is to make Party Hardcore a live event, and the audience can vote with tokens for which models go in the shower.


In reply to Message (70631) Question Question/suggestion to producers - live cams

By GSK - uu Sun 18/06/17 02:53:56 GMT


Just watched a webcam website and i had an idea/suggestion, especially for big producers:


Would it be possible to have live wetlook sessions similar to webcam sites, where we could log in and watch a live wetlook show, say, once a week?


I know it would probably be logistically challenging to set up token systems like webcam sites do, but it could be done as a bonus to the usual content of a wetlook website if the token systems would be a no-go. It could even draw new subscriptions, especially if the stream would be HD and of course, members only. Or it could be added as an exra subscription option, like a sub with the webcam option would be an extra 3 or 5 bucks a month.


I have to admit, i like the live factor of webcam sites, but I hate the fact most girls don't understand our fetish (though they reluctantly take a shower in clothes if they are asked and have a bathroom nearby) and the picture quality of some cams is less than mediocre.


A nice one or two hour live wetlook session a week from a producer that understands our fetish with a model that enjoys doing it with the possibility of a personal interaction would make a difference. Or another idea - a live stream of a studio shoot - no need to set up a separate show, outfits, etc, you are shooting with the models on that day anyway. A win-win for all.


By the way, wettingherpanties.com does a similar weekly cam with online chat for their members, I mention this just as an example.

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