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Subject: Hello Re: Re: Re: CLIP UPDATE WEEK#24

Date: Sat 19/06/04 03:16:40 GMT

Name: MK us

Email: wamtec@compuserve.com


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I agree ...the girl does bear a resemblence to KB...i.e. KB without make up on.


FYI...KB was on tv this week....talking about her new sex scene in an upcoming movie...and what it is like now to be 50 years old and still playing sexy roles with men half her age. She still looks pretty darn good for a 50 year old.


Heck...I could not believe that Cyndi Lauper recently turned 50 as well...I cannot think of her as a 50 year old...she will always be that scrawny punk girl in those 1980's music videos to me...just as Toyah Wilcox was in the UK.


BTW....another little tip for guessing the age of a movie or tv clips....look at the men's and women's hairstyles and the clothing fashions too. Look at men's ties and the style of their jackets.


There are some hilarious movie books about mistakes made in films...i.e. old Gladiator or Roman epics where you can see somebody in the scene with a wrist watch on..and in one biblical drama this is an extra who forgot to take his glasses off.


I will have to check my tapes to see what clips I have from DOG AND CAT...cos I don't recall any wetlook scenes from that series.



In reply to Message (10735.1.1) Confused Re: Re: CLIP UPDATE WEEK#24

By WETINRED - stekz@cableone.net us Fri 18/06/04 15:59:17 GMT

Website: www.wetinred.com/details.html

And I thought that was an easy one Confused I could've swore it was KB.  Well, Mark, thanx for setting me straight on it.

And I'm glad I can give u a challange Wink Smile So anytime u, or anybody else for that matter,see's a error in any of the descriptions of my clips, please don't hesitate, so I can make the appropriate changes in the descriptions. Peace Man

In reply to Message (10735.1) Hello Re: CLIP UPDATE WEEK#24

By MK - wamtec@compuserve.com us Fri 18/06/04 09:12:25 GMT


Hi WetinRed


great clips....very good.


Just one comment...item 4 is totally wrong...


4. Kim Basinger,in her first TV detective series, "Cat and Dog"(1977) as officer J.Z.Kane,


Although there is a vague resemblence to Kim Basinger...there is no way Jose that that is Kim...and no way on earth that this is a clip from the 1970's. I have not seen this show...but it is definately not an american show, nor is it from the 1970's. It looks to me that one of the many German or French tv detective shows that have been made in the last 15 years. This clip definitely has the look and feel of a 1990's style French or German tv series.


3 clues that prove why this is not american nor from the 1970s...


1) look at the 2 cars at the beginning of the clip...one is a Citroen and the other is a Mercedes...and how many american made tv shows have ever featured a citroen in them. The cars look 1990's era..and  of European origin.


2) the clip is broadcast in a wide screen letter box style european tv format...and no american tv series made in the 1970's was ever shot in wide screen format...only american movies are made in this aspect ratio...there are no american tv shows even to this day that are being shot and broadcast in a wide screen aspect ratio.


3) I have clips from DOG AND CAT in my collection...that series was shot on FILM and in sharp contrast...like the T J Hooker series. This clip is not shot on film...it is shot on video and in softer focus that the real DOG AND CAT series looks.


My bet is..the clip is from the late 1990's and from a German or French tv detective series. I am sure one of the European wet fans will recognize it.


Actually...this is a fun game to play...i.e. broadcast a clip...and then ask folks..what does not fit with this scene...i.e. an out of place 1990's Citroen in a American show from the 1970's !!!


Sure gives me some fun analyzing  your clips.


Keep up the good work.



In reply to Message (10735) Film/AVI CLIP UPDATE WEEK#24

By WETINRED - stekz@cableone.net us Thu 17/06/04 17:56:58 GMT

Website: www.wetinred.com/details.html

06/18/2004 Welcome to week #24


1. Starting with a couple from JW's archives.First clip is from a UK soap series, called "Brookside",and it this scene,looks like this girl kinda screwed up and was head dunked in a wash basin.

4.75mb---0:28 JWbrookside.mpg


2. Second clip is a couple of Indian production numbers in the rain.1st one woman wearing a black shorts and bra outfit, with a red crop top blouse, 2nd, group of several women in white sari outfits

12.9mb---1:17 JWdancing1_2.mpg


3. Wet T-Shirt contest, (from Hungary, I think)the way a wet t-shirt contest oughta be, lol And these babes look great in their extra-large t's!!

47.0mb---1:29 polo.mpg


4. Kim Basinger,in her first TV detective series, "Cat and Dog"(1977) as officer J.Z.Kane, This scene involves her in a fight, with the bad guy, and they both fall into the pool, where she feigns being drowned, only to trick her attacker, then her partner comes and saves the day.She's wearing a black skirt and a white blouse.

21.4mb---2:08 Pool.mpg


5. Lingerie modeling session with a group of women modeling different types of lingerie in the pool, including, leggings,bras, pantyhose, and stockings. Narrated by the photographer.

3.64mb---0:34 pool[1].mpeg


6. This clip is reminiscent of Ray taking Julie to the spa store in search of buying one. But she just has to try it out fully clothed, b4 she decides on one.Of course this is not Ray and Julie, but an advert for "Specific Pools" in Australia, where It looks like that this is a common practice LOL

1.85mb---0:10 pools[1].mpeg


7. Don't know what this clip is promoting,but looks like a clothing line. 2 girls wearing white tank tops with matching shorts,hosing each other off in a waterfight.

1.18mb---0:07 promowater.mpeg


8. The first of 2 clips, brings back the return of the Italian show,"scommettiamo che" where gorgeous ladies get soaked in their formal dress. First one is wearing a black tank top style gown.Towards the end they show a lady in a red formal gown,and I'm wishing I had a clip of her getting the shower LOL, O well

24.7mb---2:13 raiunoclip1.mpg


9. Second clip,the contestant is wearing a black halter-top style gown. And she really seems to be enjoying it

19.2mb---1:55 raiunoclip2.mpg


As I am enjoying picking these clips out for ya'll  See ya'll next week**WIR**

Peace Man

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