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(47382) None Unlike you, I'm not slave of a girl [nt] By Anonymous Wed 01/12/10 10:44:24 GMT

(47382.1)   None And you never will be! By leonmoomin Wed 01/12/10 10:47:04 GMT

(47371) Exclamation The spammer and present day technology! By Whatever. Wed 01/12/10 10:29:30 GMT

(47371.1)   Exclamation One word - Proxy!!! [nt] By leonmoomin Wed 01/12/10 10:30:40 GMT

(47331) Pulsing Just got home from school then? By leonmoomin Wed 01/12/10 09:35:00 GMT

(47331.10)   None No life, no girlfriend and definatly a vrgin! [nt] By leonmoomin Wed 01/12/10 09:56:31 GMT

(47331.11)   None Re:Just got home from school then? By sjakie Wed 01/12/10 10:02:14 GMT

(47331.11.1)   Great Log in! YES! By Sponge14U Wed 01/12/10 10:17:36 GMT

(47331.11.1.1)   Info Re:Log in! YES! By leonmoomin Wed 01/12/10 10:26:17 GMT


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